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If you care about social and economic justice for all, then this is the party to vote for! Check out their ambitious agenda. If they aren't left enough, what does that say about the SPD or the Greens? A good protest vote would be the KDP - it that is your thing.

diana more than 2 years ago

Not saying it's a Trump-Clinton situation but...

... a CDU-SPD Germany would be a lot better than a CDU-FDP Germany.

Konrad more than 2 years ago

The joy of giving.

If you are SO SO SO disappointed with parlamentary politics, then you should give your vote to someone who would appreciate it (check Wahlrecht für alle). But I'm sure you'll give Judith Benda (die Linke Neukölln) a chance.

Iñaki Cano more than 2 years ago

candidates vs. parties

You know that in Germany you can vote for a candidate (majority rule, 1st vote) and for a party (proportional representative rule, 2nd vote). Have you already checked out who the candidates are who represent your constituency? If you cannot decide in favour of a party as a whole maybe you find a candidate sympathetic.

Henning more than 2 years ago

Die Linke

Friedel: The police are under a Senatsverwaltung run by the SPD and the Bezirk, which could have used its Vorverkaufsrecht, is also SPD.
The coalition to 2011 has been widely criticized within DIE LINKE.
Also: state politics are not federal politics. Also: Only valid votes count in determining which parties enter the Bundestag. Only votes for parties that get into Bundestag determine their relative sizes. Eg if you don't want the AFD to lead the opposition, you have to vote for one of the six-->Die Linke.

RP more than 2 years ago

Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen

I know I know, the Greens aren't sexy any more,, they no longer wear wolly sweaters and trainers in parliament or throw bottles at police. They're a bunch of sell-outs etc etc. But I would say they are the least shit of the above parties. BTW, accusing Monika Hermann of trying to murder refugees is really a low blow when all-in-all no party has done more for refugee-rights in Germany. Plus, they are the only party to actually give a shit about climate change....if the planet becomes uninhabitable, you can kiss social justice goodbye.

Seymour more than 2 years ago

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