John Riceburg: New apartments, anyone? Anyone?!?



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How about

I personally would prefer if the rent in my old appartment stopped rising all the time, then I wouldn't need NEW appartments I couldn't afford either. And that's not just me, but every Berliner I know who moved during the last two years. There's plenty of space, run down buildings crumbling away in good, middle city spots - just drive down Köpenicker Straße, and I'm not even talking about the Spree river banks (Spreeufer) or even large areas very near Tempelhofer feld, and nobody's interested. What is interesting about Tempelhofer Feld in a city full of free spaces? Duh, it's going to be a super exclusive location - I'm not buying this "affordable" nonsense for a minute. Apart from that, no one trusts this city with building anything anymore without ruining or never finishing it.

Kantorka more than 7 years ago

fucking idiots

i dont agree with the proposed developmental plans (the east and west plans go too far into into the park), but c-damm, t-damm, and along the ring should be developed, and no shorter than 20 floors.

berlin is on pace to seriously screw itself. As 40-50k new residents move here each year, 5k new units is nothing.

rentstoodamnhigh more than 8 years ago

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