John Riceburg: Refugee camp at O-Platz holding out



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The right way to protest

I think any refugee would ask you: What is the right way to protest? The Residenzpflicht has existed for 31 years and never has it been discussed as much as right now. I think the camp - which has already made it through one winter - represents one of the most successful refugee protests in many years.

They simply aren't allowing any more people into the house in Wedding. They are talking about closing the school in the Ohlauer Straße. That means the Asylbewerber can go back to their Lager out in the middle of nowhere. And what about the Lampedusa refugees, who can't apply for asylum? The conditions in the camp might be terrible, but it's hardly humanitarian to force them from the camp out onto the street.

And it's a political question if someone gets papers or not. The Süddeutsche has reported that some asylum seekers have gotten papers by providing information to the "Hauptstelle für Befragungswesen", part of the military secret service BND. So why shouldn't it be possible to get papers by organizing constant protests? It seems like a better strategy than going crazy in a Lager or sleeping under a bridge.

John Riceburg more than 8 years ago


Here's how to get papers by cooperating with the intelligence agencies:

John Riceburg more than 8 years ago

Hold on a second

The refugees are offered a building to sleep in. Then you say that this country "denies them the basic right to roofs over their heads". That doesn't actually make sense. Besides, having a bunch of people sleeping in plastic tents in the winter is unsustainable. The conditions at the camp are terrible. It shouldn't really be encouraged. The protest against the conditions of refugees hasn't really be that effective, either, because all the press coverage has been about the chaos surrounding the camp and not the issues themselves. So, I really don't see why this camp should continue. I have compassion for the refugees there. But many of them are illegal and to give them some false hope that they will get papers here - which some leftist activists have apparently done - is bullshit. And there is no single simple solution here. Maybe this camp isn't the right way to protest a national and European issue.

Maurice T Frank more than 8 years ago

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