John Riceburg: Just call it terrorism already



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I find your blanketed statements about Nazi offensive! You are talking about RADICAL Nazi - it's not fair to fault an ENTIRE group of ppl, just because of actions from the few...

Your infantile rant proves your own hypocrisy - where in the Middle East do you find counter protesters (like you & your Lilly white friends who feel no shame in supporting Islam and its state sanctioned murder of gays and the brutalization of women because you are naive enough to think 'tolerance' means empowering the intolerant - unless they are white of course) confronting militant Islam the way westerners like you are ready to attack YOUR ruling institutions?

Name ONE mosque that has had a civil war among its congregants because they refuse to accept the criminalization of their homosexual brothers & sisters any longer, like we see with the Protestants?

Grow up! While Germany continues to prostrate itself in front of the world to prove they are sorry for supporting Hitler, you have opened the front door to an even more miserable monster & are offering it root in the heart of Western Civilization. Grow a pair of balls already; Germans are allowed to be proud of being German. Germany, like any nation, is allowed to maintain its borders.... Blood is on YOUR hands for defending these Saracen warlords.

Thomas Jeffersom more than 5 years ago

Terrorism and White Privilege

LP more than 5 years ago

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