John Riceburg: Just let the refugees stay!



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The law

All GDR citizens had a legal entitlement to live in West Germany. The refugees illegally occupying a school do not. They are not just about to be thrown out of the country by their ears, but are to be subject to the legal procedure of an asylum application. They are also entitled to certain monetary and non-monetary payments as well as health insurance, all according to the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (AsylbLG).

The rule of law applies to everybody - you can't turn up in a country and start raisin-picking from existing law. It sounds as if though the Police in Kreuzberg also need reminding of the necessity to obey the law of the land, but this doesn't justify refugees trashing state property and defying a state which is currently supporting them.

Andrew Smith more than 7 years ago

All GDR citizens had a legal entitlement to live in West Germany.

But they were refugees, Andrew. That's all Riceburg is saying. He was a refugee himself.

Jacinta Nandi more than 7 years ago

There is a fundamental difference

People leaving the GDR to the West had automatic legal entitlement to West German citizenship and all the rights and responsibilities incurred by it. The people in Kreuzberg have the rights and responsibilites granted to them by the German state and are viewed as refugees. There is a difference. Mr Henkel did not in any way flee, he applied for permission to leave the GDR and it was granted. That's not refugee status.

Andrew Smith more than 7 years ago

vote the fuckers out

it seems like die linke and the pirates are the only parties with any sense of decency for humans. they might end up terrible leaders, but how much longer will the germans put up with spd, cdu, and green assholes?

sprachlos more than 7 years ago

Update June 2, 18:16

It appears there might have been a solution:

"Afterward, the renovation works would begin; during these we are supposed to be allowed to stay in the school according to Mr Ströbele, provided that we restrict ourselves to the 3rd floor. The renovations would start on the first floor, whereby the windows would have to be secured. The entrance to the school would be regulated by a new security firm which could be supported by the police. Our demands regarding our legal residence permit issues have not been addressed and neither have the other demands we made."

John Riceburg more than 7 years ago

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