Karen Sofie Egebo: Strobe lights, fan jams & drunken ping-pong table wreckers



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Utterly depressing shambles

What an absolute disaster of a festival - even without the authorities interruption it was a crushingly depressing spectacle - thousands of idiots come to litter an incredible piece of architecture, a line-up seemingly accidentally reprinted from five years ago, a vibe akin to the lobby of a mulitplex cinema, and the inescapable stench of fried meat - reminding you to consume, consume, consume; gorge yourself till sick.

And jesus who wants echoey acoustics?! The sound was frigging awful -especially at the strange thorough-fare light-box dance stage where Erol Alkan peddled his utter shite to the gurning masses. Seeing him reduced to complete irrelevence was a particular low-point.

Herman Dune, scoring a massive 6 out of 10, and the table football were the only redeeming features of a dismal spectacle. Sorry to anyone who losts out, especially those that travelled from abroad, but at least they won't have to bother next year, as that must surely have been the nail in the coffin for the Festival..

tc more than 11 years ago

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