Jacob Sweetman: Keeping the cricket at Körnerplatz




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understanding cricket

Ode to Joy - help yourself and try to learn a little more about the game; you may find that it will help you recognize triviality.

Many Continentals think life is a game; the English think cricket is a game.
George Mikes

howzat more than 10 years ago

Civilise this!

About half way through I thought there was a Telegraph article to be written here about how johnny foreigner will never be properly civilised until he learns to play cricket. Only to discover in the next paragraph that the Times had already done it.

As ever, just as a scummy and cheap bit of populism occurs to me it seems the Murdoch press have beated me to it.

Anyway everywhere should have a cricket pitch, if only to teach people the real meaning of the word boredom (though to achieve the full effect you really need Geoffry Boycott there. Either playing cricket that or whinging about foreigners and the good old days, either will work.

Ode to joy more than 10 years ago

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