Konrad Werner: Berlin subconsciously doesn't want a new airport



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"I'm actually quite glad that for one more summer, I'll be snuggling up to that rancid old Schönefeld Easyjet counter like a duvet that hasn't been washed for a month because it smells so comfortingly of my own body."

hehehe. my thoughts exactly. I don't like new and shiny anyway, I think one of the most charming things about Alexanderplatz is its unashamed air of dated naffness. New and shiny is everywhere, and it's super, super boring. I hope the bland aesthetics of what people seem to think a modern city should look like are kept at bay for as long as possible. Berlin is unique and special in that it isn't obsessed with trying to impress the rest of the world all the time. Why should that be embarrassing?

sara more than 7 years ago


I couldn't agree more. I love Tegel. Small, casual, cozy, easy to find my way around, and accommodating...last time I was there, I went through security, found out my plane was delayed, and they had no problems letting me run ouside to smoke my face off as often as I pleased (a two-minute walk from my gate, incidentally). It's like a big 70s Greyhound station that happens to have airplanes. Forget the new airport. Just forget it.

Madame George more than 7 years ago

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