Konrad Werner: Contrite, but still psychic



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i think Cammy's just pissed off coz he had to call his holiday off two weeks early

Jacinta more than 9 years ago

UK 'Riots' ?

I think you missed the mark a bit here quite simply because you confused opportunistic looting in the UK and some, as yet not completely understood, pyro phenomenon in Berlin. The point about Cameron is a good one though. He is coming down like a ton of frozen s**t on anyone that can be linked in any way to the 'riots' as I think he knows that if it happens again alot of sections of the media will look to blame him.

Ropaldo more than 9 years ago


I'm 14, actually. And German. All I am saying is that our arsonists are better organised than British ones.

Maurice more than 9 years ago

Maurices Stupid Comment

Cut that Bullshit Maurice, or a you a 12 year old Kid ? You know nothing, absolutely nothing. Im sorry to say that but your comment was the most stupid i ever read in my entire life. "THE GERMANS" and "THEIR" Terrorists.... Grundausbildung, yeah Right.... go see a Doctor dude.

Fritz more than 9 years ago


the Germans to give their terrorists such a gründliche Grundausbildung.

Maurice T Frank more than 9 years ago

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