Konrad Werner: Contrite, but still psychic



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i think Cammy's just pissed off coz he had to call his holiday off two weeks early

Jacinta more than 10 years ago

UK 'Riots' ?

I think you missed the mark a bit here quite simply because you confused opportunistic looting in the UK and some, as yet not completely understood, pyro phenomenon in Berlin. The point about Cameron is a good one though. He is coming down like a ton of frozen s**t on anyone that can be linked in any way to the 'riots' as I think he knows that if it happens again alot of sections of the media will look to blame him.

Ropaldo more than 10 years ago


I'm 14, actually. And German. All I am saying is that our arsonists are better organised than British ones.

Maurice more than 10 years ago

Maurices Stupid Comment

Cut that Bullshit Maurice, or a you a 12 year old Kid ? You know nothing, absolutely nothing. Im sorry to say that but your comment was the most stupid i ever read in my entire life. "THE GERMANS" and "THEIR" Terrorists.... Grundausbildung, yeah Right.... go see a Doctor dude.

Fritz more than 10 years ago


the Germans to give their terrorists such a gründliche Grundausbildung.

Maurice T Frank more than 10 years ago

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