Konrad Werner: Gauck rant



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Never have I been so wrong recently

...when sighing with relief when the "choice" started to lean towards Gauck after Wulff kind-of was chased out of office. Got me fooled. Just about EVERY statement Gauck made in office alienated me from whom I'd had hope to be a just and wise elder statesman. His former track record led me to believe he would be a very good Prez. It almost seems as if since the election towards Bundespräsident, he let the mask down.... And we thought Köhler and Wulff were inacceptable. Well, ha-ha. I tend to more and more agree with Friedrich Küppersbusch, who -with every new BP election- puts up the question: What do we need a constitutionally-appointed mini-König without a realm for ???

Frank Böster more than 6 years ago

Yeah I hate Gauck too.

What about when he slagged off the Aufschrei?

I think the Germans had a really good president in Wulff and they just got rid of him for no fucking reason, I will never understand it. I never feel more foreign than when discussing Wulff versus Gauck.

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

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