Konrad Werner: Lisping, twitching Nazi cunt



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Konrad Werner (is a SAD TWAT!)

Konrad Werner is such a cretinous wanker... thinking he's really cool, applying expletives and faning himself a polarising blogger/journo... whereas in fact he has got as much sense of humour as a dead cat (obviously German!) and, is a sharp as a blunt knife. Dream on, moron... you'll never be in with the ZEIT-lot...

Troy von Tussle more than 7 years ago


Sarrizin certainly is a manipulative dishonest individual

Fred more than 7 years ago


You, sir, are a complete blithering idiot to equate some blog comments with the work of a paid professional journalist.

Tomas Fitzpatrick more than 7 years ago

Um, ...

... is this meant to be funny?

Diddl Mouse more than 7 years ago

your arsehole

I want to insert a Kalaschnikow inside your anus and let someone suffering with ADHD and gluten intolerancy pull the trigger.

Amok Mama more than 7 years ago

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