Konrad Werner: Mad people



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wolf like you

Erm, I think Konrad is being ironic here. But maybe you're being ironic about not getting his irony? I hope so.

Berndt more than 10 years ago

Real Doctor

No, dear, if you think a medical doctor is a *real* doctor, you are so misguided. A medical doctor in Germany has to do nothing more than to write some kind of Hausarbeit (term paper) to get his title whereas a *real* doctor in my profession – and almost any other – has to work on his thesis for 3-5 years. Medical doctors can write their shit in 3 months, because they are so many that a small contribution is enough to graduate.

See an example of a German medical doctor here http://tinyurl.com/3k8dxsa

Bullshit more than 10 years ago

missing word

there's a word, it's called 'schadenfreude'... and that's the one we like the most.

wolf like me more than 10 years ago

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