Konrad Werner: Much Betreuungsgeld about nothing

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Kristina Schröder

It was kind of cute & sassy, she is kind of cute & sassy but she's meant to be the minister in charge of the department who are introducing the Betreuungsgeld....also I think maybe some people would stay home for the 150 euros. Just coz she's so rich 150 euros is like pocket money for her. She probably spends 150 euros on tampons and tights every month. But some people might do, esp if they have two kids under 3.

Jacina more than 8 years ago

I just meant

I thought it was quite funny, what Schröder said.

I meant to link to the OECD report on Betreuungsgeld. It was done in Norway, Austria, and Switzerland. They said it's a bad idea:

Benjamin Knight more than 8 years ago

Kristina schröder

I quite like her, actually, don't think she's a very competent politician or anything, and I think she can be pretty pathetic on immigration/activist issues, and I just generally think she's a bit of a silly-billy. But she also seems like a nice enough person and I think she'll probably have a nice career ahead of her in a non-political sphere, a children's TV presenter or Kinderbuchautorin, I think she'd be good at that. But I definitely don't think her comment to Steinbrück was a "good one." He was saying the Betreuungsgeld would force women back home, and then her comment was: "Don't worry, it's not gonna work anyway." I know it's the CSU who want this more than the CDU, but she is the fucking Frauenminister and officially her department are supporting it. We'll have to wait & see what happens. Of course it's malicious & spiteful to deduct it from Hartz-IV payments, but it might be for the best, it might mean that so few people qualify that we can just abschaffen it again really quickly? We have to wait & see what happens, I hear that in Sweden (think it was Sweden?) it has really made a difference - in a bad way - people taking their kids out of daycare. But I am also slightly skeptical of this idea that immigrant kids are so much "better off" at Kita & healthy German kids are fine at home, I think most kids are better off at Kita from, say, two onwards, for a little bit of each day at least.

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago

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