Konrad Werner: Only the corrupt separate sport and politics



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I saw Fire in Babylon. Really loved it. Here's my other favourite quote from that Orwell essay, which basically argues that the modern obsession with sport came out of the rise of nationalism in the 20th century: "If you wanted to add to the vast fund of ill-will existing in the world at this moment, you could hardly do it better than by a series of football matches between Jews and Arabs, Germans and Czechs, Indians and British, Russians and Poles, and Italians and Jugoslavs, each match to be watched by a mixed audience of 100,000 spectators."

Benjamin Knight more than 7 years ago

Spot on Konrad

Watch "Fire in Babylon", "The 16th man" or even "One night in turin". Tommy Smith and John Carlos on the podium, Cathy Smith winning medals. Sport is politics. Full stop. Unfortunately sports governing bodies have always been corrupt bodies who claim they are outside of politics, meanwhile they impose laws on independent states on the one hand whist supporting dictators on the other. Sepp Blatter will always be a crook, and if you think that Samaranch was bad then check out Avery Brundage. As an aside, you know that UEFA fined man city more for appearing on the pitch a minute late than they did Porto for their fans monkey chants.

Sweetman more than 7 years ago

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