Konrad Werner: Ossi fetish



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thank you.

good lord.... i'm not the only american stocking up on nudossi and florena and secretly hoping that a much older east-german man will someday "show" me how to use these ostprodukte in a freaky, inappropriate way?? and that after we've both had our fun, he'll tell me all about his childhood and then weep in my arms about the sad passage of time, about his former home-country, now just a page in a history book?? and did i mention he speaks german with a sächsisch accent? because he does. and we obviously bone in his trabi while overlooking the elbe river, at least once. thank you, Konrad Werner, thank you. now i know i'm not alone.
american in dresden.

Ami in Dresden more than 9 years ago

Eric Hornecker

the horny bastard

Jacinta more than 9 years ago


I'm getting a nice cocktail and sitting back to wait for some more comments. Should be entertaining.

Stephen more than 9 years ago

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