Konrad Werner: Proper democracy



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Coalition of the wheeling!

Yet again, another coalition of political charlatans and hustlers masquerading as having the interests of people at heart and therefore working for such interests. No, politics is no charity and there are no acts of charity in politics; it's purely a self-serving undertaking thus all the dirty slimy politicking involved.
It's not for the service of the common person, Mr & Mrs joe public scraping a living on scant supplies and scavenging here and there for anything that can be addition to their meagre financial/personal resources.

In truth, this is another political coalition rubbing their dirty political hands in glee on how and best to jam the big government dick, hard and deep, up the public's ass and the public must, ironically, take it up with grace and honour under obscure concepts of nationalism and patriotism. Don't complain, don't make any noise, just calm down as the government rams big dick and iron fist up your ass, apparently, after all the abuse is done, you will be fine.

If however, you disregard that subtle warning and make uncomfortable noise, they will unleash the government's attacking dog, the police and military, and will beat you into submission if not tear you apart.

Ganja more than 8 years ago

Alan Posener

is a Springer hack...what's he doing in the Guardian, for godsake?

Maurice T Frank more than 8 years ago

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