Konrad Werner: Who killed Knut?




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You're right. After some intelligent reflection, I've finally seen the connection between Knut's slapstick death and the destruction of the North Pole through consumerism. Anyway, I've finally heard a decent explanation: Tosca could tell that he had that illness. Hence the original rejection.

And don't try and cover it up with stats - Germany clearly fluked their way to the semis.

Konrad more than 10 years ago

World Cup

"Germany's abject failure in the home World Cup"? Not so sure about that. What sport are you referring to? Not football, right? Cause in the football World Cup Germany came third (only defeated by the later champions Italy), scored more goals than any other team and had the winner of the golden boot. Not exactly what I call a failure. Unless, of course, you were trying to be sarcastic and I didn't get it.

Jürgen more than 10 years ago


Well said, Pete.

Amy more than 10 years ago


Konrad, I don't know what point you are trying to make, and I doubt you know yourself, but did it never cross your mind that your remarks might be offensive to people who suffer from epilepsy? It's not a joke, it's a debilitating disease, that doesn't always manifest in visible seizures. Why not educate yourself before sounding off in public with no point other than to act clever. Second, rather than treat Knut's death as a joke, it might be an opportunity for some intelligent reflection on how our consumerism is contributing to the destruction of the natural environment where polar bears live in the wild -- and are now facing extinction.

Pete more than 10 years ago

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