Konrad Werner: If you really want to ban the burqa...



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burkhas should affect u

it should bother u if somebody is forbidding your fellow citizens to practice their cultural heritage... in the middle of the europe...i wish if somebody would forbid u to wear whatever you shortsighted clowns are wearing these days, i wonder what kind of superficial stupidity would u put on ur list then. u fake liberal intellectuals, makes me wanna puke... good night

jelen more than 4 years ago

you get my vote

"Approving arms deals with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, the Peshmerga, and then closing borders, expanding the list of safe countries of origin and deporting more people. We should make a law banning all arms sales to countries fighting or sending weapons into warzones."

your country has an arms industry that pays taxes, therefore you should accept refugees feeling war zones. That should surely be an international human law! No!?!?
Don't want refugees? Then don't sell weapons of war.

Weapons of war should only be used against hedge funds that buy up property... ;-)

p.s. I lived the last 20 years in areas with a high muslim population, and no burkha ever bothered me. And if someone wants to cover all their skin before swimming, I have no problem with that. 90% of the near naked bodies I've seen at the beach I'd rather have never seen.

Theo Van Schopes more than 4 years ago


Wait until Burkhas affects your life, you shortsighted prick, acting like knowing everything but has no clue other than clichés that was heard haphazardly. I would like to see you publishing another crap like this then.

Draconian more than 4 years ago

Affecting my life

I'm pretty sure burqas will never affect my life in any way. Unlike everything else on my list and people who make silly comments.

Konrad more than 4 years ago

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