Konrad Werner: So are we sure Erdogan doesn't fuck goats?



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Hahahahahahahahahaha. Beasteality is an Islamic / Satanic ritual. Whose idea was it to allow these filthy goat molesting gay pedophile mongoloids following Ataturk's tradition of Bacha Bazi into Germany? Pathetic Germans. Germans are not pure White as they have Mongrel Hun blood lines and look like they have down syndrome or mildly retarded probably from eating too much rice.

Keyser Soze more than 3 years ago


Are we sure Konrad Werner and Jan Böhmermann has not let their sister and mothers have orgy with Nazis ?
Are we sure Konrad Werner and Jan Böhmermann has not let their sister and mother got themselves f.ked in the back by Nazis ?

Note: Do not delete this comment. If this article is right, if it is freedom of expression, I just ask the similar question. Just changing the topic from Turkish Erdogan to German Werner and Bohmermann.

Ayhan Bilgili more than 5 years ago


I'm pretty sure Werner and Böhmermann don't give a fuck. That's what you usually do if you aren't a psychotic dictator who persecutes everyone who dares to question you.

Of course you wouldn't know, because your Führer has been offended and now, like the proper sheep that you are, you jump to his defence.

This personality cult is rotten to the core. And we know about it, trust us. We ourselves once had that kind of a leader. He defended and improved the german people who were under constant attacks from the rest of the world, as so we believed back then. He also was elected by over 50% of our population, stabilizied the economy and made Germany great again. We loved him so much, that we didn't care how many jews he would kill. And we all know how that ended.

I dare you to question your believe and fact check your opinion on neutral ground. The internet is big enough. If you really want to, you could easily let go of your brainwashed fanaticism and find the truth. I'd bet that you won't even try but let's say my faith in humanity is at roughly 2% right now, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Go ahead, curse me out for offending your Führer again. Or try to tell me that I'm the brainwashed one who believes in the evil lies that have been spread by the "outside forces" and the rest of the world to blame your Führer. I already know all of the rebuttals you could care to consider. In fact, I can show you that each and every one of your excuses and polemic responses already surfaced roughly 60 to 70 years ago in my country, when people were defending their chosen hero the same way. They were blind back then, you are now. And I'm not even hoping to open your eyes now. You won't.

Demil Cendir more than 5 years ago

Sisters and mothers...

Come on Ayhan, you can do better than that...as least make your poem rhyme.

Maurice T Frank more than 5 years ago

He was just misunderstood

Erdogan was never engaged in sexual intercourse with goats, he only likes to wrestle them, looks a bit similar but is definitely not the same...

Robert Scapegoat more than 5 years ago

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