Konrad Werner: Germany arms terrorists, thinks of new name



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Now I'm no expert

but I seem to remember there being a difference between the Peschmerga (the forces of the self-governing Kurd state in N Irak) and the PKK. Were this difference true, this article would be pointless.

Andrew Smith more than 7 years ago

There is a difference...

... but the German government admitted there was no way of controlling which Kurdish fighters got weapons once they were in Iraq, and that the PKK would probably get them too.

Ben Knight more than 7 years ago

Valid point

The article states baldly however, that

"Germany has decided to arm the Kurds in northern Iraq. This might be a good time to stop calling them terrorists".

My point is, that the government has never labelled the entire kurdish state as terrorists, only a single party. Any valid points to be made are lost in an undifferentiated argumentation. The German government source also said that they "couldn't rule out" the arms getting into the hands of the PKK, which they still hold to be terrorists.

The government is weighing up what to do in a tricky situation. The article infers that it is confused and stupid and is blundering about in self-contradiction. This is a poor reflection of the situation.

Andrew Smith more than 7 years ago

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