Konrad Werner: Give Greece a chance



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For EU

A strong Eurozone is a nightmare to others. Who are these addressing us against Russia with restrictions. Why dont they get at war themselves. Why they bunch up weapons on EU borders. What's the "share" of global wars. Why bunch up each country with debts and when reactions begin the next will come up with the same issue..a fake thing - pls check world countries debts @wikipedia

Ls more than 6 years ago

A last hope

People of Germany. I am a Greek citizen you may care not. I have to tell you what is happening.
We are a part of a major community. We do not have hostile emotions about you. The media try
to plot and spread it throughout us, you, everyone. The US ,IMF, and investment organizations are
against us. USA is not a state by meaning - it's a union controlled by these kind of institutions.
They want to weaken EU and Russia ofc at the same time. When EU was forming, nearly a decade
after they outsourced their multinationals to China. When the eurofighter typhoon was to come to massive production, they started these institutions to issue their rankings for EU. Just see, the debts of other EU countries @ wikipedia! Our prime ministers were puppets; The previous 3rd brought the IMF with a treason like agreement. England will choose which side will join in the end!
I am warning every one of you before it's too late. Plans of elitists are here and forming. It may take time but i 'll tell you this. No one will get away! You have the most profitable businesses here, did you know that? That stupidity going on these months is unbelievable! Wake up people, we figured that out just now, just question yourselves before it's late.
We have completing economies, just see what is happening.
Economic war in EU, real in Russia -Ukraine. What else then?
PS - the referendum in Greece was if we want the latest-strict-agreement (yes) or a redesigned one and not accepting the latest (no). It had nothing to do with participation in the EU or about bad partnership.

Lefj more than 6 years ago



lol lol lol more than 6 years ago

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