Konrad Werner: The Ministry For Being More German



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the ministry for being more German

As usual intergration issues being headed by Germans for the Germans.Its all about them,telling immigrants what to do and not asking them what they think.One American put it in Ex Berlin, stay, work, pay taxes and shut up.

terry muvanya wischmann more than 9 years ago

What is "German"?

Being more German...I suppose that's entirely a matter of perspective and ideology. For a Canadian like myself, "being more German" means efficiency in all realms of social structure and transportation (if you've never been to Canada, consider yourself lucky...public transit is like being on an Orwellian LSD trip), an insistence upon affordability for basic goods, not making an extreme and negative public spectacle of yourself, and maintaining social order for the greater good (as opposed to the individual, as it is in North America, hence all of our avoidable problems...we are all spoiled, coddled brats).

For others, "being German" might mean staring needlessly at strangers, quietly judging, eating terrible cuisine, following the herd, using deviant art forms, as a means to deeply express how you feel, having no knowledge of what true Western "cool" means, and cultivating guilt for WW2 atrocities whilst secretly loathing foreigners.

Who knows. You Germans are a complicated, interesting lot, nuanced and hard to generalize about, but absolutely lovely. And be endlessly thankful that you're not the walking dead known as the Swiss.

Sta Meena more than 9 years ago


You really made my day!

Terri Muvanya-wischmann more than 8 years ago

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