Konrad Werner: Hooray! Berlin has become boring



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wanting to trade instults, I would agree with the original comment. Recent opinion is beginning to call leader replacements "undemocratic" but its entirely constitutional. Erhard, Kiesinger and Kohl all became Chancellor before standing for election. Macmillan, Home, Callaghan, Major and Brown did so in the UK. On the federal level, both Max Streibel and Edmund Stoiber headed the administration in Bavaria for a considerable period without first leading their party into an election. It's only recently with the "presidentialization" of politics in Germany and GB that people have started to grumble about this. Personally, I don't find anything undemocratic about this process. After all, the ballot paper doesn't contain the name of the eventual head of the government.

Andrew Smith more than 5 years ago

"smartinus" unsmart

@ smartinus: obviously you might have heard some basics about politics, but the author's approach is more professional than it might have been occurred to you. The political discourse differentiate between the in-party reshuffles and the direct trustee mandates from the voters. And clearly there is a difference (compare the slagging of Gordon Brown).
It is advisable to snob people around in the area of your expertise...

exhe more than 5 years ago

"without a democratic mandate" ???

Obviously the autor doesn't understand the democratic system in Berlin and Germany: The mayor is elected by the Abgeordnetenhaus, the parliament of Berlin. And you don't vote for persons in the elections to the Abgeordnetenhaus, but for parties. And the members of parliament elect the mayor . This is called representative democracy. If Michael Müller is elected by the Abgeordnetenhaus he will have a democratic mandate, what else?
And is it really less democratic to get the candidate for mayor voted by all party members than only by the party leaders - as it is usual? I really appreciate the decision of the SPD to get all party members involved.

smartinus more than 5 years ago

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