Konrad Werner: Leave the Olympics to the fascists



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If only...

... all prominent bavarians shared those principles. Der Kaiser - not usually a man whom I have too much against - has come out with one of the most outrageously deluded and self-serving comments I have ever seen (hyperbole fully intended) about Qatar. "I have not seen a single slave in Qatar. I don’t know where those reports come from. I have been to Qatar many times and therefore have a different view, which, I believe, is more realistic." Oh well, if franz hasn't see one, then they can't be there.

Good stuff Konrad.

sweetman more than 8 years ago


It's really corrupt the way top sportspeople can be bought by FIFA and the IOC as "ambassadors" - so Zidane and Guardiola have dutifully kept quiet about that French player trapped in Qatar. They're basically letting him starve there.

Ben Knight more than 8 years ago

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