Konrad Werner: Merkel, please stop Schäuble, he's insane



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Easy to blame Schäuble

It's far too easy to blame Schäuble for nothing but being strict to a corrupt Greek system.
He played the bad cop, maybe yes. But without strictness the sick Greek system of corruption cannot be changed.
And trust me: Merkel is supporting him by 100%. But of course she played the good cop not be put into this ridiculous light of a Nazi how Greek press does over the last days with Schäuble.

Oliver more than 6 years ago

Stripping of Greek National Assets.

The whole notion of austerity is mad. How is fewer people working, earning less, all spending less, thus being less productive, paying less tax on wages, with shops and businesses closing everywhere, going to create the extra wealth to pay off huge debts? They cannot even earn enough to sustain their population.

In the specific Greek case their economy was ruined when the 2009 crash slashed tourism and halted their earnings from shipping. A sane solution would be a five year debt holiday, massive grants to re-start business, help to increase productive efficiency, creating youth employment, and cutting tax on tourism to zero, not hiking it to 23% !

Forced sale of national revenue generating assets like airports and elecricity generation etc, is simply an EU scam by Germany and others to steal the shrinking sovereign wealth they have left. Economics is being used as a weapon of war, it is really scary to see what the unelected European Central Power is like at it corrupted heart.

Robert Gore more than 6 years ago

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