Konrad Werner: No, people still hate Germans



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Germany's very special history follows them. What other nation in Europe could have done what they did? Germany is a special case and will always be.

Beobachter more than 1 year ago


They're dull, arrogant know-it-alls but they're not nazis anymore, far from it.

AM more than 1 year ago

Deutsch is cool

I'm a German-American born in Germany and wherever I go when traveling outside the US I make sure everybody knows I am German. Germans are popular in comparison to Americans pretty much everywhere but in France and Holland.

Klaus Deutschmann more than 5 years ago

Julius Caesar said it best:

"The Germans are either at your throat or at your feet."

Survivor more than 6 years ago

I hate german asylum politics.

I do not hate ordinary germans citizens who paid millions of euros tax to feed thousands of asylum seekers in Germany. I have no sense of hatred to the German soil as it allows me to stand here.

There are some wild beasts who sit on the chair and take the some one life's decision.Those peoples who turned the life of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers into a hell are the one who works in the federal office for migration and refugees and the federal court.Those who work in foreign affairs and social office are professional Devils heart people educated for such treatment. I do not understand why is Germany accepting asylum politics when they do not allow asylum seekers to offer future prospects.
The Germany of yesterday is the germany of today in justices fields.I never believe that the justice system in Germany is free and fair.The justice system has turned my life into hell but iam afraid how many other have to face similar harassment before it comes to an end.

Hemlal Mainaly more than 6 years ago

I <3 Germany, 1939-1945 included

You Germans aren't bad at all. Even in WWII you stood up against your Nazi oppressors. I've heard that Werner Moelders, a Luftwaffe fighter ace, was quite the anti-Nazi activist. And you only have to watch Das Boot to see that Nazism wasn't at all popular in the U-boat arm.

Bryn Watkins more than 7 years ago

Germans and Germany ..

Together with Arabs -the most dangerous mix of fanatical murderous monsters possible.

Ron more than 7 years ago

C'mon guys..

Hahah I'm sorry, but you have no idea. Germans aren't 'evil' or anything!!! You don't have to like them, but please accept them! And they are not dangerous or anything !

Sue more than 6 years ago


Never trust a statistic which you haven't manipulated yourself

Jana more than 7 years ago

Yeah I know

I'm sure people do love Germans. I love Germans. I just think the survey doesn't prove anything about anything. Surveys are just blogs in disguise.

Benjamin Knight more than 7 years ago

Werner you bugger

Come-on Herr Werner, German self-hatred is so 20th century...

Maurice T Frank more than 7 years ago

one small victory

Oh come on, can't you let them have this one? Is it too much to believe that the world has grown increasingly fond of German's stiff-hipped dancing, day-drinking proclivities, and ambiguous relationship with national identity?

I know I like it...

<3GERMANIA more than 7 years ago

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