Konrad Werner: Germany protects its corrupt multinationals? No shit!



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H&K arms the world?

H&K does not arm most of the world.

H&K is too expensive for most besides state actors (police forces, militaries, etc). A G36 goes for between 4000 and 6000US$ on the civilian market(less bells and whistles than the police or military). i mean if you see pictures of any H&K weapons besides the MP5 which is used by police forces (and you see in lots of films), you are usually going to see old G3s that have now been refurbished or are 3rd or 4th hand. Germany is the only country i know that produces weapons, sells them with at least an eye shut, then when the weapons are used they whip themselves half to death about it, and then they forget about it. wash rinse and repeat. it's a bit schizophrenic.

the winner by leaps and bounds is still Kalashnikov (the AK series). followed distantly probably by Colt (M-16/AR-15). oh, and if you come across an actual AK-47, get it. it's a collectors item and hasnt been around for decades. the AK you see everywhere is usually an AK-74. It's a pet peeve of mine

mark more than 5 years ago

it does

You're right that most of the world uses AKs, but H&K's G3 is the second most used rifle anywhere in the world in the past 70 years. It's old but it's still in use everywhere - in Syria, it's currently being used by both Hezbollah and al Nusra (against each other). It was licensed to 18 countries (including Iran and Pakistan), produced 7-10 million times (estimated, no way to know), used by militias, terrorists, armies in almost any conflict you care to mention in the last 70 years. Only last year, Germany agreed to deliver 8,000 G3s to Kurdish militants in norther Iraq.

According to weapons activists, it's still the standard rifle of militaries in 50 countries. As for H&K handguns - they're used by police forces everywhere. It's really not an exaggeration to say that H&K armed the world. Maybe the only region it hasn't been used regularly is Russia, because of the AK.


Ben Knight more than 5 years ago

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