Konrad Werner: Cluster nuts



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Okay, sorry.

I shouldn't have said that about the lefty teenagers.

I just get bored of people slagging off politicians all the time, cos they're the easiest targets. I think that's lazy. I think they do their best most of the time, and then try to hide it a bit when they fuck up, or do something bad to do their jobs.

We have the right to expect more ethics from our government than from ourselves. It's a precarious line between a hypocrite and a cunt.

I don't think they should have bought those body scanners from that company.

Konrad more than 11 years ago

Just because

we're cunts is no excuse for our politicians basically funding death or. It's really easy to call people hypocrites, people are hypocrites all the fucking time, but that means we should stop buying Nescafe and Gap t-shirts, it doesn't mean we should suck the German govt's dick while they help kill babies

Amok more than 11 years ago


well every time I use my iphone, I think, hey it's normal for a few people out of 500,000 in a factory to committ suicide once in a while.

seymour more than 11 years ago

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