Konrad Werner: R2G – first we take Berlin



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Berlin is already more or less bankrupt, without money from other german regions, nothing would function. Berlin has a huge lack of new housing, Berlin has an airport that will never make money, whose costs are now five times as high, as estmated. I have not enough time to count down all the faillings of the established parties and now, these loosers form a government? Socialism only works till the socialists run out of other peoples money, that will happen very quick in Berlin.

Gerd Garstig more than 4 years ago

bright side

Trump has made a lot of people stand up and fight back. Communities are forming. This wouldn't have happened if Clinton had won - people would have just sat back and carried on watching tv. So it's not all bad news. Don't give up hope.

Sure, Trump is a sick rapist, but Clinton helps to create wars where thousands of women get raped. There wasn't a right choice to make. But I have hope that we've now seen just how utterly ridiculous this way of doing politics is, and people will start to take the power back.

Keep fighting. Keep loving.

Theo Van Schopes more than 4 years ago

Can Die Linke and SPD please figure out the red color thing?

Having two red parties is just stupid. Can't one be mauve?

Dorothy Designer more than 4 years ago

You must be knew here, Dot

There's two of everything in Berlin.

Drew Portnoy Bulkeley more than 4 years ago

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