Konrad Werner: Stop pretending you like the Pirates



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Privacy on the Internet is important. The Pirate Party wants to fight for you, really. Thats why the like to use Facebook as a design paradigm in their campaign efforts. This makes sense. The Pirate Party is not a disgusting flock of internet marketers and search engine optimizers that want to protext their earnings from tax control. Vote on for FREEDOM!

jr more than 9 years ago

The Neo-Nazis have Zero power in the Reichstag.

So how are they a greater threat to democracy than the CDU which did, after all, throw its weight behind the surveillance bill?

Real analysis more than 9 years ago

the link you provide...

...and quote from is to a leter from the official youth organization of the pirate party, denouncing their statements and demanding tht the party change it's attitude to discrimination and stop abusing and devaluing freedom of speech. not necessarily "like the more thicko pronouncements they come out with the more people want to vote for them".

Sarah more than 9 years ago


...and the CDU/SPD/FDP/Greens/Linke never say stupid, embarrassing stuff.
The other day I read about a pirate who likes to compare his party to LIinux. It's more about changing the operating system of politics than the content itself. Food for thought, and not entirely stupid.

Maurice T Frank more than 9 years ago

something stupid?

i am not sure, if its a constructive input to this issue, that persons you don't agree with, are being compared with stupid children. convince me, why the internet cannot be free in future. but don't do it with the arguments, people use, who earned billions on it in the past. this discussion must be possible.

by the way, there should also be a place for people who like combining nutella with spaghetti. either they are stupid or not

chris99 more than 9 years ago

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