Konrad Werner: Suppository prank?



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Mr. noname

They were blatantly all lefties. And even if they weren't, for all you know Konrad might be an NPD voter, in which case everyone is a lefty to him.

Benjamin Knight more than 9 years ago

Hexenjagd mitmachen, moi?

200 grand is peanuts, he'll be paying for all his own holidays from now on.

Jacinta Nandi more than 9 years ago

You have a political column.

But oddly, it hasn't occurred to you that the €199,000 a year might be a bit more offensive than the vuvuzela blowers.

The Voice of Reason more than 9 years ago

right and not

there were no "lefties", young pal. they were so called "wutbürger", people who pretend to be progressive citizens empasizing some undefined "freedom" while leaning towards liberal right winged positions. do they left out vuvuzelaing while the soldiers were doing some fascho rituals due to "respect for the soldiers" quite lefty, yes. do some research.

noname more than 9 years ago

I only just realized

it wasn't a suppository. Well. I just thought, oh, it's the same word, but a different meaning.

Jacinta Nandi more than 9 years ago

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