Konrad Werner: Thatcher, Kohl and WWII paranoia



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she hated the poor because she was middle class and had panic to fall down so she punished the innocent working class in gb for her obsessions and destroyed the clydeside in scotland near glasgow. her absurd financial policy never bore fruit, to enrichen the rich in order to help the ppor thus come up behind them, it made the poor even porrer. thanks a lot for that! may she rot in hell.

waldo more than 8 years ago

slightly left-wing people

There's no slightly left-wing people who think Maggie was great

Jacinta more than 8 years ago

Ding dong the witch is dead

I love all the talk now today the day after about proper death etiquette, because a few dared to remember her as she should always be remembered: Marg Thatcher milk snatcher. What she did to the Miners, the Irish, Brixton and the Falklands, just to mention a few of her victims, apparently is all forgotten. We love Maggie! And the German media along with...while she couldn't have hated Germans more.

American Idiot more than 8 years ago

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