Konrad Werner: The dishonesty of being honest



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When I read "a tiny bubble of clear liquid emerges gently from the tip." I almost died choking on repugnance.

How do I get to Knobheadland, by the way?

Raspberry more than 11 years ago


I know, he's such a twat. But that Ulli Hannemann told me once that he didn't think he was a twat, either! I just think, basically, that the Krauts are a bit mad when it comes to "integration." I don't even know what they#re talking about, what does it even mean. They're allowed to spend all their Saturday nights at Bollywood dance lessons, followed by a meal in some Indonesian restaurant, followed by a trip to Salsa bar, etc etc etc etc etc but we are meant to eat Königsberger Klopse and boring potatoes UNTIL WE DIE

Jacinta more than 11 years ago

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