Konrad Werner: Flipping out over the Queen



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Boring & expected comment

from K.W. Nothing new. Besides performing a certain diplomatic task as the Head of the Comminweath, the "Queen" is also a successful business model, "branding" the UK and attracting tourists from all over the world to England. I'm not a Queen fanboy but the usual and superficial Queen bashing is just not amusing any more.

Martin more than 5 years ago


Is that what the monarchy is now? In that case, why don't they privatise the queen? Seems like the monarchy sector has been surviving on government subsidies for a while now. Could do with some private investment to make it more competitive, if you ask me. Make her live on those all those fucking tea-towels she sells. Give me a break.

Ben Knight more than 5 years ago


not only, but also a f… business model

Martin more than 5 years ago

business model

I think this is a totally good point, and we should privatize the royal family seeing as how they're such a profitable business.

Jacinta more than 5 years ago


I can't stand how people say "Dee Kveen" here. Why don't they just say "die englische Königin"?

Maurice T Frank more than 5 years ago

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