Konrad Werner: The rise of the She-Thilo



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Teaching is an extremely hard job, and I admire anyone who can stick it out in a classroom day after day trying to keep calm

Notelove2 more than 10 years ago


I think al teachers ought to watch John Waters' FEMALE TROUBLE... as that little cenematic gem sums up all there is to say about teachers: they're ignorant, vile, sadistic, cruel, authoritarian, failed individuals who like to give others a hard time just because they never amounted to much and simply fail to enjoy life.
I can honestly say that I have never ever liked or respected any of my teachers and I have never learned a thing in school. I like to absord and I take in stuff without the aid of sadistic teachers. I have not once gotten a diploma, degree or certificate and yet, I get along very nicely, thank you very much.
The educational-system is much overrated and there is far too much emphasis on performance. Who needs to know about numbers or science if you know what you want? If you want to become a stripper, a car-thief, strum a guitar or want to merrily tag walls?
And why need diplomas if you want to become an artist, a designer or an architect?
Like with all things in life, there are more ways of going about things. School is not always the be all and end all. Being taught is not for everyone. Some people really suffer in schools to the point of absolute despair or even suicide.
I dropped out and yet achieved fairly well in terms of what is socially accepted. I'd feel a failure with a degree, to be quite honest.

John Rutherford more than 10 years ago


Teachers need to be authoritative, this is a fact that no one schould deny.
But there're borders. When I was in school 20 years ago, I had two good examples of teachers.
One who was authoritative - but in a good way. If the class had worked well, he was like a buddy. This could changed at speed if anyone was thinking to exploit it. Not that this teacher did scream then , no he got quiet or left the classroom for 10 minutes without saying anything. But everybody knew: now be carefull. And it had worked every time and never any of us was complaining. (All of us know that pupils ALWAYS complaining)

And there was an other teacher, actually he did deserve the term of being a teacher. He's standing ahead the class and TRIED to teach. In fact he was communing with himself and everybody was doing was he wanted even smoking hashish in the classroom - no joke! Even today I do not know how he was assing marks. Of course he's tried to scream, tried other things, but with no affort.

This was just a generation of teacher who's acclimates that the class is doing what he's saying, only cause he is a teacher. But those times was already over when I was in school and all the more today. So i think the time of the teacher Mrs. Sarrazin is over as well.

So she should take her husband and the money from his filthy book, go on a trip and never come back.

H more than 10 years ago


You don't start primary school till five/six in Germany, Konrad.

Jacinta more than 10 years ago

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