Konrad Werner: The UN calls bullshit on Germany



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sarrazin BS

Only one question. How can any sane person still live in fucking Germany?...Oh the money...right...how spineless has everyone become...i am disgusted and have left the country

le schmuck more than 8 years ago

Let's distinguish between legal and acceptable

I completely agree with Benjamin Knight that Sarrazin was being racist and not "discussing important issues". The problem is that you can't forbid any kind of racism or discrimination by law. Such things have to be addressed and condemned by society. And they were. Sarrazin lost his job and was pounded in the German media.

It sounds good to forbid "incitement to racial hatred" by law, but if you look closely, it's ridiculous. You can forbid incitement to racial violence and that is forbidden in Germany. But "incitement to racial hatred"? How do you even define it? Should anything that potentially causes someone to hate someone else be illegal? It just doesn't work unless you set up a police state.

I used to think Germans were weak at distinguishing between things unacceptable and things illegal. Apparently, the UN is even worse at making that distinction.

Andreas more than 8 years ago


Thanks for the excellent comment Diego, and to everyone who commented on FB. Some people have said I am playing to German stereotypes, and so I am "racist" or that I want to deny Sarrazin his "freedom of speech." But that's all nonsense. All I said was that last week the UN pointed out something that was obvious to all Turkish and Arab people living in Germany and should have been obvious to the German state prosecutors, Merkel's government, and most of the German media in 2010 - that Sarrazin was being racist. If he should be allowed the freedom of speech to say the things he did - which he was - then others have the right to call a spade a spade and not pussy around fretting about "important social issues."

If you believe that Sarrazin's ideas "should be discussed" then be honest with yourselves and admit that you think racist ideas should be discussed. If you want Sarrazin to be "part of the debate" then you have to admit that you want racism to be part of public discourse. That you think racism is ok. That's all the UN pointed out, and it doesn't impact on anyone's freedom of speech to say it.

Benjamin Knight more than 8 years ago

racism in europe

There's still a lot of racism in Germany, but i don't think this is site-specific. All over Europe there seems to be this colonial thought that other countries - and their "races" - exist only to generate profit for them from afar.

Well... you know Karma is indeed a bitch, but I wonder howcome colonial Europe thought they could steal, deal and plunder countries creating benefits and wealth for themselves without turning the eyes of the world to itself, by first claiming what's also theirs for right and second the high quality life-style generated from this past.

Silly, silly europe. And now they blame it on the people who either bowed down or were plain massacred, for wanting a piece of the cake.

This racism is motivated by the latent fear they feel for knowing all the shit their countries did in the past. You bett...

Diego more than 8 years ago

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