Konrad Werner: The USA vs. Germany. Bring it.



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Okay ... so this is being allies with shared values

I did read the New Yorker article and FAZ article. I found the FAZ article eye-opening. I would agree that America has challenges but we can solve those problems --- in a messy and time consuming fashion with starts and stops - term limits come to mind. While working in the US "to form our more perfect union" (see the preamble to the US Constitution), we will fulfill all of our current treaty commitments . I wish Germany and Europe only well during this time ... on their own path that hopefully continues to share our core values. I never viewed European success as a competition with the US approach. I thought it strengthened all of the nations that shared specific values if they could tolerate and value each others differences. That being said ... the 45 points and comments about signing the TTIP ... another eye opener made me realize how little regard is held for the US. Let's be clear - if our values are too dangerous to sign a trade agreement with ... than I don't see the common values I'm voting to send my neighbor's son or daughter to defend via NATO. That's not meant to be a threat but all of us can make a pivot to other areas. Perhaps we need to both invest in re-establishing connections between Germans and Americans so we can identify the values that we share and value.

KeKe more than 7 years ago

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