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Richard, the impact of Sarrazin's book, which I have read (some of), has nothing to do with its spurious economic or demographic arguments, or it would have been filed away and forgotten along with other such studies. Its whole impact this week has come from its racism, which he was incautious enough not to disguise. Pretending otherwise and complaining about the "left-wing Prenzlauer Berg petty bourgeoisie" (whoever they are - I thought this term referred to the lower middle classes, and I don't know why you single the poorer Prenzlauer Bergers out) is dishonest. Plenty of immigrants have been outraged and offended by his statements, and condemning him is not just left-wing jargon, but simply a duty for any German who believes in Germany's constitution.

Konrad more than 11 years ago

Sarrazin Simply Summarizes The Painfully Obvious

Had you actually bothered to read the book instead of mindlessly repeating the "jargon" of the left-wing Prenzlauer Berg petty bourgeoisie, you would have realized that Sarrazin simply summarizes the current literature on the (global effects) of migration and immigration.

There is nothing particularly interesting or original about his theses. Economists like Thomas Sowell, or political scietists like Sam Huntington have made similar points.

His discussion about the relationship between genetics, IQ, and social structure is by and large an accurate summary.

His key point is accurate and describes the situation in Germany to a t: Germany has mostly attracted an underclass of migrants, with few skills, almost no education, and a largely medieval world view and cultural outlook.

Richard Perdido more than 11 years ago

whats the problem?

Lets talk about the real problem: its the failed immigration and not specifically any problem of Germany, England, Italy, Poland, America etc. I lived in London for a year and know from personal experience that England has at least as a immegrationsproblem. Well, almost all countries of this world have a problem with immigrants, except they bring a lot of money with.

So in the interest of the immigrants: we should look for solutions of this problem and not create new prejudices.

Thomas more than 11 years ago

Have to agree

I have to agree with the article.

As a foreigner here for years I get let down time and again by normal people who just can't accept that Germany is a multi-cultural society. Who just refuse to put themselves in the shoes of others.

It's a "schizophrenic" experience being an immigrant here during these "debates".

I try not to talk or feel badly about Schland. However, there are too many places: Brandenburg for one, I really couldn't be arsed revisiting.

I am glad the Turks I know don't seem to give a shit about all this. Fair play to them. Their food is great, their women beautiful....

Gordon more than 11 years ago

maybe not so bad Germany.

Sarrazin is a fu***ng as**ole...right!

I hoped for a better examining the subject of integration in the post-war Germany. Exberliner is a good possibility, non-German (not German speaking people) to explain the country, 'to build bridges' and practice criticism certainly. But I couldnt read any useful information...more polemics.

How should deal a guest or arrivals of Germany, who is confronted with this theme/problem for the first time, with tags like: sarrazani, racism, undemocratic germany (my definition), tv shows.

Please use better the chance to convey useful information, what the magazine offers. Meant well by a fan of Exberliner.

Sorry for my English!

Thomas more than 11 years ago

Britain democratic?

Britain a democratic country? Can be democratic in many cases but it is far from being fair with it's immigrants too. You can't imagine what I have to deal with as a South American student in London. Sometimes can be really humiliating. Personaly, I feel better in Germany. Of course there are many issues concerning immigrants and there's no harm to talk about them, the problem is the way and the arguments you use!

Isabel more than 11 years ago

Thomas - good point about the TV shows, but take a look at the home-grown detective series. Jeez.

A social democracy should help its citizens, but that it is the "social" part of it. The democratic part of it is about leaving people in peace.

You are right that "integrating" with democracy is a slightly crass way of putting it, but this whole Sarrazin debate shows a misunderstanding of the German constitution among certain German people. The politicians who condemned Sarrazin simply did their duty.

Konrad more than 11 years ago

bad bad Germany!

"...in Germany shows that it hasn't yet integrated itself with democracy." sorry, but this is too much.

"Just take a look at their shit TV shows." The original of these TV shows come very often from England, Netherland and USA.

"It means leaving people alone." In the democracy it comes to care and help for each other... not leaving alone.

The article correctly identifies a current problem but with immature and senseless arguments.

Thomas more than 11 years ago

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