Konrad Werner: Creating Germany's underclass



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Andrew: you can't have stagnating middle-class wages without a demonized underclass.

Even in relatively generous Germany, welfare does not provide a living wage. So, I suspect you're approaching the problem backwards. And Germany's wages have been stagnating or declining for years:


D. Strauss more than 8 years ago


The article confuses low wage levels with insufficient levels of benefit. No-one should expect the state to subsidize them to stay at home; they are on the other hand, entitled to a govenment which forces employers to pay a living wage.

Andrew more than 8 years ago


I'm pretty sure the three-tiered school system cemented the underclass well before any slick politician or horny ex-VW exec got their hands on social programs.

Drew Portnoy more than 8 years ago

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