Konrad Werner: We want Red Sahra!



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Freudian title

Just read there: "We want Red Sahara"

Mike more than 8 years ago

dodgy photo

She's not looking very fit in that pic, is she? She's always Konrad's evidence against my assertion that conservatives are better looking than socialists. But there are so many gorgeous conservatives out there: Louise Mensch, Kristina Schröder, Palin, Whatserface. The one that isn't a witch. She's actually beautiful.

Jacinta more than 8 years ago

You've got the wrong Wagenknecht

You see, she was all of that and the girlfriend from the FORMER EAST GERMANY all of us never had (that's a lie, I had a great fling with an ex-Communist but that would have ruined the reference). HOWEVER, she was the GREAT LINKE HOPE until that feral beast Lafontaine began defiling her with his crotch. No one is going to vote for a woman who voluntarily let that pensioner into her bed. It shows a lack of judgement (and a near-fatal vaterkomplex).

Drew Portnoy more than 8 years ago

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