Konrad Werner: Why do people love Merkel SO much?



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Football is politics and politics is, well, 'politi-ball' & Ms Merkel is playing 'polite-ball'

Angela Merkel is, without a fucking shadow of a doubt, a tactical politician and an intelligent one at that. To intimate that she has no PR advisors is obviously akin to daydreaming; she has an army of ruthless and scheming advisors - they scheme on her behalf and for her political interests, after all, that's what a political PR machine is precisely for.

As for her apparent 'love' of the 'beautiful' game, I would be inclined to believe it's more of her PR strategy, her way of creating a common touch with the public than a genuine love of the game itself.
I mean, she sometimes overdoes and certainly overdid her cheering antics at the recently concluded 'world' cup and there were instances where it was obvious she was putting on a show.

Common sense would dictate that anything from and by politicians be taken with a pinch of salt by the common person but in the absence of it (common sense), since it died of an anorexia with the advent of a nanny state and government and the media that forms the common person's opinion, we can only hope that Ms Merkel's apparent 'love' of football is nothing else, no pretence, but real love and for it really is, love of the beautiful game.

Ganga's perspective more than 7 years ago


I think the whole football thing is she got forced to watch it in 2006 and first she really hated it, she was blatantly bored but then she got more and more into it and she really quite likes it now.

Jacinta Nandi more than 7 years ago

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