Konrad Werner: Who is the bigger evil empire - Google or the EU?



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I'm everywhere!

The amount of times I've walked unwittingly infront of a tourist's camera, walking around any number of tourist attractions, means I've probably appeared unknowingly in many a holiday snap. I'm flattered that I am now worldwide. Unless google street-view is live, I can't see the harm, but if we want to have a reason to really complain, then we need to ask Google to stop reading/scanning our emails for marketing purposes.

Alisonnenallee more than 11 years ago


You Germans are nuts on this issue. Streetview is so useful I can't comprehend this position. What about a tourist's home video that gets posted to YouTube? That's also privacy invasion...

Matt more than 11 years ago


search engine ad hegemony days are numbered. Soon you won't "google" in the internet anymore, you'll just navigate virtual worlds and things will pop up at you, like pics of your house, smothered in customized adverts to match your profile and desires. Those California megalomaniacs just want to turn the entire universe into seamless profitable media, that's all.

seymour more than 11 years ago

your point odf view

Good point!

farrfoto more than 11 years ago

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