Don't speak German? Get back to school!



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While I agree there’s no reason one shouldn’t learn the language of the country in which they live; at least well enough to say “Sorry I don’t speak the language, could we please speak ____?” I think you need to check your prejudices. Don’t make sweeping assumptions about Americans when other English speakers from other English speaking nations are just as arrogant and rude... and from the other side, MANY Americans are extremely polite and try as harder if not harder than you seem to think you and your non-American friends do. Not everyone is like your snobby friend Paul, and I would go as far to say that your article makes you come off rather hochnäsig yourself. Get off your high horse.

Annika 16 days ago

Recycling content much?

Rewording one of your most popular articles from 2013 (called "RANT! “Sorry, no German!”).. nice. Hope a tree doesn't die for this.

Tomi B 17 days ago

Don't speak German?

Thanks for that article, Jacinta. I pity those Anglo mono-linguals, arrogant or not. But I am also more than bored by Germans who think putting English words on anything and everything (and often getting it wrong) think that's really cool.

Jay 17 days ago

English words on anything

wovon talks to eigentlich ? 😂

Peeeet 17 days ago


I'm sorry...remind me again of what this article is about?

Eyeroller 17 days ago

Paul is an Ugly American...

...but as an American who can and will speak some German but is still far from fluent, pathetic Americans like Paul make my life easier. Every time a German hears how long I've lived here and notes I should probably speak the language a bit better than I do, they also counter themselves with "but at least you're not one of those Americans who's been here for years and can't say one sentence or order in a restaurant." Thanks, Paul!

Anyway, nice piece.

DootDootDoot 18 days ago

Why would someone eat in Neukölln?

I find this detail unbelievable.

Gertrud Gourmand 18 days ago

I don't know

how long it is since your feet touched Neukölln soil and your tongue tasted Neukölln food, but it's got some of the best, some of the newest, and some of the cheapest restaurants in Berlin

I work in Prenzlauer Berg and often wait until I get back to Neukölln to get food

Person who eats food 17 days ago

Eat in Neukölln

The Internet can be an amazing resource, Gertrud. Try "Neukölln" for the most exciting new Berlin eateries. To be honest, they don't need your smug comments ... they are doing just fine ...

EJay 17 days ago

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