John Riceburg: Let us stay on Tempelhofer Feld!



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Tempelhofer Guards

I really don't understand what is wrong with these guys. I was inside yesterday with my girlfriend,OK we jumped the fence, but we didn't know it was such a big issue. We just wanted to sit and have a cigarette in the open field.
The security came and treated us like serious criminals. They pointed flashlights at us and asked for our IDs. We say kindly that we would like also to see an identification card for them. But they refused and a guy pushed me back saying I was talking to close to him and gesticulating too much. As far as he found out I am not German, he also started to make kind of bordeline comments about my nationality.
I am not discussing if it is right or wrong to have the park close at night, but at least they could have a bit better manners, since they are all in all public employees, working for the common good.


Gabri more than 7 years ago

hasenheide dealers

The hasenheide dealers are there if you want to find them, but I've never had the feeling they "take over" the park. Seriously, what nonsense.

At any rate, I seriously doubt thf would fill up with dealers as the the only tree covered areas are at the least a few hundred meters from anything.

take down the fence

4seq more than 7 years ago

"reality speculator"

i haven't encountered too many reality speculators in Berlin, whereas i've met a lot of people who are here to explore their fantasy :-)

bonus round! see if you can find the missing word in the following sentence: Comments are automatically posted but will deleted if they are not on-topic and/or abusive.

Joey more than 7 years ago

Drug dealers?

I'm torn because I think a public space should be accessible at all times. But I also find it eerie how Hasenheide gets taken over by drug dealers as soon as the sun goes down. And there are not any drug dealers operating out of Tempelhofer Feld yet as far as I know. So maybe that is why they chose to close it at night??

c* more than 7 years ago

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