John Riceburg: Let's stop the ticket checkers on the BVG




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it's not nice, but

Sorry, but I completely disagree with this opinion. If you can afford the ticket, you have to pay for it. If you can't, probably you are entitled for the Berlin Pass card and therefore you can get the monthly ticket for 36 euro per month...

Freddy more than 6 years ago

That's not true

what about illegal immigrants, total junkies etc. People who are just too out of it to beantragen the Berlin Pass.

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

public transport

The job center gives 19€ for transport, not 36€. Anyway, not everybody can get the Berlin Pass. And not everybody earns the same salary. This is not just depending on effort or capabilities. In lots of cases there is stupid and lazy people earning more money and intelligent people who's not earning so much. For people who can not get discounts, 5'40 € for going (e.g 5 stations) and coming back can not be called "public" transport.
Maybe we should be more critical and strict with people who's exploiting privileged positions to steal millions of euros.

Dora more than 5 years ago

The problem is transparency.

Where is the money going? How is it being collected? The BVG was enriched with a land grab from the East and makes more money building ugly shopping malls atop U-bahn stops than it does collecting ticket fares.

Mischa Couleps more than 6 years ago

Be thankful

As a two time visitor to Berlin, be thankful for what you have in the BVG whose service is superior to many elsewhere. One of the things I like about Berlin is its relaxed attitude to revenue collection so please do not introduce passenger barriers as in London, Paris and my native Sydney where I suspect too much revenue is used up collecting revenue. Why staff barriers to help people through them; just abolish the barriers. At least 15 years after the Olympics we have electronic ticketing with automated toping up of the deposit balance but the fare structure is still to idiosynchrantic.

If too many people are in jail for being poor and fare evasion is the catalyst, why not give defined poor people the opportunity to take part of their state supported income in the form of a BVG ticket giving them unlimited travel?

Richard Ure more than 6 years ago

Tried strategy 3, but...

I often try strategy 3, i.e, taking a loooong time to look for my wallet/ticket, but I think it's not too effective, since the ticket checkers usually ignore me in this case and go bother someone else without checking my ticket. Might be due to racial profiling, since I'm a white young woman and look like a student.
So I might have to change my strategy soon and start asking for Betriebsausweise or Dienstausweise...

@michael wesely
I agree that purchasing a ticket contributes to keeping the bvg running, and I find it important too. So I am totally in favor of buying a ticket IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT. If this article was saying "Everyone, please stop buying tickets" then I would dislike that, too.
But I think it is saying something else. It is asking people who CAN AFFORD IT (and should continue buying tickets) for solidarity with people who need public transit, but really cannot afford it, such as refugees. And I think it's a really good thing to act in a way that saves them from jail.

However, of course there is the question if people are honest and actually keep buying tickets when they can afford it, instead of "saving their money" and being an egoistic asshole. I don't have an easy answer to that, either...

Theresa more than 6 years ago


If you wait for a bus and there is somebody in a wheelchair waiting, ypu open & close the 'ramp' and the driver let you ride for free...

Jonas more than 6 years ago


this is really a not cool article and no interesting thoughts exposed. you are offending the inhabitants of berlin.

please contribute with your ticket purchase to the community to keep bvg running, just like all the other berliners that have a sense of what is correct behavior.

you like it, that bvg has maybe the most elaborated public transport system in the world? yes, and you like it, that bvg takes you home after your party night? how much money you spent on drinks? safe some for a bvg ticket!

i have my upset with bvg, believe me. not everything bvg did in the last years was cool, but in general, bvg makes all berliners save a lot of money, through the tight network of stations, that you really do not need a car. how cool, isn't it? not many cities can say this about themselves!

maybe you or many people reading exberliner are coming to berlin because of easy unexpensive living? yes, berlin still offers this, but everything has limits.

when i read your article, i just think about nyc metro. if you have no money for a ticket, be creative, solve your transport problem in a different way.

when i read your article, i just think about nyc metro. if you have no money for a ticket, be creative, solve your transport problem in a different way.

michael wesely more than 6 years ago

Let us not forget that many of the Kontrolleure positions are Euro Jobs.

Poor forced labor forced to use force against the laboring poor.

Friedrich Fahrrad more than 6 years ago

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