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Separatists bemoaning the loss of the EMA which was being moved due to it's host nation's separatist tendencies - oh the irony :)

It's funny how separatists and nationalists, not just Catalan, always campaign on the hypothetical benefits of independence and rarely mention the potential downsides. Independence for Catalunya was always going to mean leaving the European Union, at least temporarily, as members need to be unanimously approved for inclusion and that was always going to be vetoed by the UK, Spain & Belgium at the very least. To try and pretend that the EMA snub, despite being favourites, was down to police violence, Article 155 & the turning back of (faux) democracy is the funniest thing I've heard for a while. The whole reason the EMA was looking for a new home was because of the E(uropean) in EMA. It would be gross negligence to give the EMA to another, potentially, non European Union country just to have to move it again shortly afterwards when they also vote to essentially leave the EU. Of course it is punishment, but only in the way that spanking your own arse is.

Politicians everywhere, but nationalists in particular, always campaign on the grass is greener ticket but you never hear them saying well it could mean ten or twenty years of restructuring before the benefits, if ever, become apparent. Personally I would like to see a modified charge of perjury for campaigning politicians where if their campaign claims are based on falsehoods that they can then be held accountable for their blatant lies. I could think of several Brexit campaigning UK politicians who would now be deservedly languishing in prison for a start.

With regards to apps and social media sites encouraging boycotts of Catalan products that tactic is old hat. I remember, although unfortunately can't find the link for, an interview of a few years ago of a wealthy prominent remain supporting, Catalan businessman talking about how he was losing contracts and being boycotted by separatist supporting business people and organisations which is exactly the sort of atmosphere that was increasingly prevalent during the last few years in Catalunya and one of the reasons why I was happy to leave.

You are absolutely right that in the 90's Barcelona shook off years of slumber and stepped out onto the international stage with confidence and grace, albeit in a slightly haphazard southern European style. It certainly did a better job of any other Spanish city of doing so. I'll overlook the rampant corruption mostly connected with the cheaply erected modern buildings during the unsustainable property boom as that was prevalent all over Spain but initiatives like the city beach, early adoption of an urban bicycle scheme, some of the best recycling initiatives anywhere, citywide free wi-fi and putting Catalunya, mainly Barcelona on the global investment map were all inspired. It's such a shame that the present separatist movement have just undone 25 years of good work for their own selfish political objectives & now the truth is being revealed all that is left is to play the martyr card.

James more than 2 years ago

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