Maggie Spooner: Dressing down the drones



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Please explain ....

...what exactly is the point of this blog?

Charlie Runkle more than 6 years ago

Same old same old

Everybody so convinced they own Berlin - Berlin passes hands continually. Back in 2002 people were bitching about the new comers too .... Yawn

Jimnolongerinberlin more than 6 years ago


So what is your point exactly? I don't know who this Daniel is. All I'm getting is that you're upset Uniqlo didn't advertise with you.

Alexandra more than 6 years ago

Confused more...

Are you taking the piss? I can't tell. I can't presume you live in Berlin, but even if you don't, Daniel Brühl isn't really a b-list celebrity across the border. Are you living under a rock?

Walter Crasshole more than 6 years ago


well, that was muddled.

johnson more than 6 years ago


so basically you disagree with the "brandspirit"of uniqlo but at the same time are angry because they didn't want to advertise with you?!?!

gabi more than 6 years ago

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