Maggie Spooner: Spinach in your teeth



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Don't Build

Build high in New York (it had to create a skyline), build high in Chicago (that too), but don't ruin established skylines like Berlin, Paris and London (Oh Dear! Those who allowed the residential eye-sore in the former death strip of the East Side Gallery should be made to take it down again no matter the financial cost to themselves. Talk about ruining a place and history. WHAT A MESS!

me more than 6 years ago


i dont care if it comes from investors, politicians, or grass-roots community based groups - a more interesting skyline would be welcome, especially if luxury flats in the sky take some of the pressure off more established neighborhoods.

build it high and build it now. I'm sick of 22m traditions and the boring cubes. Take media spree - it was bound to be built and instead of breathtaking examples of architecture (which doesnt always mean tall), we have nothing but crap along the water conforming to everything else.

1c1o more than 7 years ago

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