Maggie Spooner: The not-so wild West




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The russians, some russians at least have been regulars longer than most of us care to remember. During the twenties and thirties Berlin was one of the largest sanctuaries for Jews from Eastern Europe fearing death and destruction by progroms carried out ever since Zsar Alexander II was murdered in 1882. Back then there were close to 300 000 Russians in Berlin - nowadays there are roughly 14000.

Beluga&Krim more than 8 years ago

You live in my street

Fuck Thurman, it sucks. Make the effort to go over to Backermann. Of course Ostkreuz missed all the people you're talking about -- that agency was never about staid Berlin. Also don't buy Strassenfeger from the guys and gals outside Kaisers -- it all goes into some questionable pockets.

Drew Portnoy more than 8 years ago

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