Konrad Werner: Me and Ilse



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a dream led me here

Om my god! I just had a dream in which some lady named Ilse was being mind controlled by a guy named Konrad to whom I lend a machine of mind control. LOLOL Then I made a search on google for "Ilse and Konrad" and found this article. Too funny!

Irina Maia more than 8 years ago

your friends

Ben, you do have some strange women friends.

farrfoto more than 9 years ago

Ben you are too funny...

that's it really!

Katie Griggs more than 9 years ago

Ha I like it

though I don't like this new commentary form

Berliner SChnauze more than 9 years ago

You little minx

Stop playing with me Ilse. You're a Facebook tease.

Ben more than 9 years ago

Friend Request denied

I am sorry, I only become friends with people I actually. Otherwise I'd be friends with loads of DJs from Manchester called Jermaine or something

Ilse Aigner more than 9 years ago

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