Konrad Werner: Me and Ilse



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a dream led me here

Om my god! I just had a dream in which some lady named Ilse was being mind controlled by a guy named Konrad to whom I lend a machine of mind control. LOLOL Then I made a search on google for "Ilse and Konrad" and found this article. Too funny!

Irina Maia more than 10 years ago

your friends

Ben, you do have some strange women friends.

farrfoto more than 11 years ago

Ben you are too funny...

that's it really!

Katie Griggs more than 11 years ago

Ha I like it

though I don't like this new commentary form

Berliner SChnauze more than 11 years ago

You little minx

Stop playing with me Ilse. You're a Facebook tease.

Ben more than 11 years ago

Friend Request denied

I am sorry, I only become friends with people I actually. Otherwise I'd be friends with loads of DJs from Manchester called Jermaine or something

Ilse Aigner more than 11 years ago

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